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Decorating Your military Home Just Got Easier.

Welcome to The Simplified Home LLC, a family based Interior E-Design & Decorating Company. Our services were intentionally created to stylishly support the modern day military homemaker, and their family. From life after basic training, through PCS’ing & even retirement … we’ve got you covered. With our help, you can design your space on or off base from start to finish with the click of a button and a dedicated design team. We thank you for your service, and we’re honored to serve you. Let’s get decorating!


Our 3-Step-Process

  • Option # 1 Scroll down and identify the way your space needs to function, click select and schedule a discovery call.

  • Option # 2 Scroll Down and Visit the 24-hour Design Studio and pick the best Service Package that works for you.

  • Option # 3 Complete A Discovery Call then choose between a customized D.I.Y design service, bootcamp or workshop.

    * FYI: you can hire us to Curate & Virtually Manage Your entire Project from Scratch.


Step 1.




From living rooms to great rooms we’ll help you create the ultimate gathering space. Board games, movie nights and dinners can all happen here.It’s time to make use of the room in your home that’s dedicated to helping your family & friends come together each day.



Whether you choose to OR have to work from home, you’ll need a space that can work as hard as you do from 0600-1700, the hours in between and beyond. We’ll help you create a beautiful & functional work space to help get AND stay organized. Let’s work together so you can focus on the task at hand and be successful in your daily duties. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that you didn’t drop the ball…instead, you completed the mission.



3-day & 4-day weekends will NEVER be the same when you have the right space to lounge and decompress. When you have a few days off, downtime should be one of the most relaxing experiences ever! How do you want to relax before Monday morning formation? Don’t worry battle, we’ll help you figure it out with style.



From Hail & Fairwells to intimate social events, we’ll help you plan & celebrate in style. Our DIY Style-Kits is the secret weapon to throwing together the best party ever in a short amount of time. However, if you’ve got a few extra days on the calendar to connect with our design team, we’ll help you plan the ultimate swoon worthy celebration from start to finish. Get the guest list ready!


Save your leave days! If you’ve always wanted the luxury of having a little quiet vacay at home then a space to nurture is ideal. Let’s create the ultimate quiet place to help you escape the chaotic day to day without ever having to fill out extra paper work, pack your bags OR take leave. Hello quiet time…(insert shhh here).



The bedroom is a place where you can relax, rest and recharge for the coming days.Consider it your personal getaway. At the end of a busy day you need to rest well, so comfort matters.Let’s work together to create the most relaxing atmosphere possible, to help you start each day feeling restored.

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Imagine being able to press pause and take care of Y.O.U every single day before & after you’ve taken care of the world. Make pampering & self-care a part of your daily routine, just like physical fitness. You work hard, so let’s create a beautiful space that’s dedicated to helping you take care of YOU...in style of course.



Hobbies are a great way to express your feelings, creativity and most importantly your passion. Let’s unpack the boxes of materials so you can get those amazing ideas out into the world. Nurture your creativity in a space that’s dedicated to helping you flourish. It’s time to inhale, exhale & CREATE.




Visit our 24-hour studio

Our Design Studio is where you’ll find the latest DIY & Full Service Packages available. Enter the studio, look around and select the service that’s right for your space. See you on the other side!

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Creative Business Strategist

meet the Owner

Vivienne Copeland is the creative business strategist behind The Simplified Home LLC, a family centered residential Interior E-Design & Decorating Company. It was intentionally created to stylishly support the modern day military homemaker, and their family. After serving and honorably retiring from the military, Vivienne decided to follow her creative passion which ignited yet another purpose. Now she serves those who continue to serve us, and she’d have it no other way.