We help you "Simplify Your Home So You Can Simplify Your Life”.

We are dedicated to helping people transform their homes, workspaces and lives by using our 3 Step Process. We teach the skills necessary to get organized & stay organized! Our belief is that by working together as a team with a purpose, focused on a mission, we have the ability to help you create a nurturing home, homeschool or home-based business that inspires you to live better, embrace learning & enhance your quality of life.


Lead Designer & Organizer

As a designer, my goal is to help you bring out the real beauty of your space. I believe that having less clutter introduces more peace into your life. Creating a clutter free, organized & beautifully designed space that’s dedicated to helping you live more, learn more and do more at home, is one of the best ways I can help you improve your quality of life. -Viv